In the case of procurement and final sale of a real estate a commission for the real estate agent 3% of the whole selling price to be paid of the purchaser of eatch. The commission is due as soon as we are giving proof or through our procurement a contract of sale is signed; this applies as well if a contract get in to force to any later time. Our claim of commission is still valid even if the two parties of a contract of sale are in direct contact with each other after our service as a real estate. Between Vendor and Buyer a set off against each other commission to be paid to the real estate agent is not acceptable.

In the case of signing a private Pre- Contract 50% of the sale price has to be paid and the other 50% as soon as the title deeds are issued.

The fees for an application to ask for building consent (see list of fees) has to be paid in advance. All fees are due to be paid after the services are realised.

The commission fort he real estate agent of 3% includes al services around the buying of the property, starting with the advices, procurement up to the issued title deeds. Changes regarding the listing of real estate has to be individual calculated because of the sometimes difficult and time consuming process. Charges like for an architect, to authorities, notary, …has to be extra paid by the buyer, there are not included in any kind of charge by us.

Details in our property presentations are gathered with great care for the accuracy, but they era based mostly on the information’s given by vendors or agents and we can’t guarantee e for their correctness. As soon as the potential buyer is showing sincere interesting the property we and possibly the notary will check each and every detail important for the deal. The given asking prices are mentioned without obligation. We reserve the right to offer and sell the real estate at any time and to any buyer.